CAP is a breakthrough therapeutic method used in healing emotional trauma and behavioral challenges.  We are announcing to mental health professionals worldwide the launch of CAP for Professionals online training courses in the Catharsis Application Program (CAP), a Psycho-Emotional Therapy methodology. 

CAP is a unique combination of structured music, creative expression and projective tests comprising a powerful way to treat emotional and mental health conditions with outcomes that are both rapid and dramatic.  It has been shown to trigger marked memories and responses in people with cognitive conditions.

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There is a world-wide movement for psychologists, psychotherapists, clinicians to use artistic mediation as a therapeutic tool in both institutional psychotherapy and private practice setting.  Using music and art as a medium for communicating emotions is considered as effective as talk therapy.  CAP is one of the most establish in the field of psycho-emotional therapy using music & art as a therapeutic model. 

Backed by 40 years of empirical evidence and clinical application, CAP is reinventing emotional healing.  It is a gentle, flexible, non-confrontational, experiential therapeutic approach that helps patients and therapists safely explore repressed emotions and feelings.  Utilizing music to trigger a catharsis, the therapy method allows the expression of fears, conflicts, and feelings for emotional liberation.

CAP is an innovative healing process for children, adolescents, adults, couples, veterans, and the elderly in any clinical or field environment.  

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