The symbol!  The image that speaks!  What beauty is in this secret path in search of what is hidden to most – yet is revealed to the open mind! Discovering the meaning of things …

Who has never tried to understand what is happening to him? Who has not tried to interpret a dream, the meaning of a word they heard which grabs their attention, an incomplete message or the language of birds? What child has not peered under a rock to see what lies underneath? Who has never wanted to find the beautiful, wonderous private garden – to which they alone have the key?

When I was very small, I had a passion for stories and their images. I spent hours poring through my books or listening to my records, and in these moments my inner life took precedence over my childish behavior. All through my reading, a deep exploration was taking place, allowing me to find answers to complex questions, forming my individuality and a personal system of thought which has never stopped growing.

My curiosity grew along with me. I discovered Jung and his meta-psychological thoughts, what he had to say about dreams, what he taught about the symbolism that underlies all human life – filled with signs and messages that we can and should decode.

My doctoral studies at the Centre de recherches sur l’imaginaire (CRI Grenoble) helped me go even deeper into the study of images, symbols and social imaginary – a path I would continue in various forms throughout my life.

This professional and personal specialization led to confrontations that caused me to question my beliefs, but also to exciting discoveries! Beautiful moments like life’s challenges – always full of meaning – thus became the foundation of my inner structure.

As I pursued my teaching career, I met a formally-trained musician and naturally, over time, developed the Catharsis Application Method Program together with him and other high-quality professionals in the medical and paramedical world. This gave me a chance to work with top professionals who all believed in the importance of the artistic dimension in health care and in the mental growth of every individual through a dynamic and creative introspection that is always the bearer of change and growth.

Enriched by this experience, I approach the people I work with by always trying to feel this inner movement – very strong in some children and adolescents today, but often dormant in adults. The professionals I train and those I work with – whether they be psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists or speech therapists – sometimes have theoretical orientations and experiences different from mine, but we have in common a great respect for the human being in all its complexity and dignity.

I hope that through this blog I can share with you my passion for symbols, archetypes, stories, myths, dreams … by demonstrating the power of their role as guides and allies in our lives – when we learn how to listen and to understand their meaning.